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Gauchiste - S/T - LP SECOND PRESS

by Gauchiste

$17.00 / Sold Out

Sorry but the first press with olive green ink is now out of print. (all 100 copies are now gone) The photo attached to this product is our first press.

Great news however, we have created a second press, identical in all ways BUT the font color is blood red.

The second press is LIMITED TO 100. The pressing color is black and carries a black label with handwritten notations to reflect side A & B (one silver upside down cross or two). The LP is housed in a plain black cardboard sleeve that is wrapped 3/4s of the way with cover art on heavy, high quality matte paper. A special insert has been created to sit within the cover to complete the artwork on the backside, much like a puzzle piece. The hand mirror cover art and layout has been designed by artist Kenneth Close. PS: A digital download card comes free with each LP.