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Positive No - Via Florum - CD-R

by Positive No

$5.00 / Sold Out

This is a professionally made, shrink wrapped CD-R that comes with full color art that includes the lyrics.

It is limited to a mere 50 copies.

These 5 songs were recorded in the winter of 2013 with J Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines/Channels/Office of Future Plans) at his Baltimore, MD recording Studio Magpie Cage. From their beginning in 2011, Positive No has been Kenneth Close on guitar, Willis Thompson (Thao with the Get Down Stay Down) on drums, and Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed/Ringfinger) singing, and James Menefee (Fun Size/River City High/ Long Arms) joined them just for the recording of this EP while they were still in the process of searching for a permanent bass player (now filled by Josh Quarles - Jonathan Vasser and the Speckled Bird /The Low Branches).

More info about the record can be found here : http://littleblackcloudrecords.com/positive-no-via-florum