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Runhild Gammelsæter Amplicon LP First Press

by Runhild Gammelsæter

$25.00 / Sold Out

The first 100 LPs will ship to arrive around June 7th and contain:

-Clear vinyl so you can see through to the insert of the cover art that is a stunning self portrait of / by Runhild.

- The center label is clear and covers the center hole. To play your record you will need to impale your record player's spindle through the center; puncturing a hole into it.

- The back side of the insert contains liner notes and the paper stock is heavy. On the painting side (cover art) it is textured almost like leather while the text side is smooth and creamy.

- The LP and insert comes in a heavy plastic sleeve like the kind a picture disc LP comes in.

- A digital download card included

- Each LP heavy plastic sleeve will be cocooned in soft cotton webbing that you will need to break through and remove in order to open the LP and get to the record. The picture shows a small hint of what it will look like. Each one is done by hand and will be unique / one of a kind.

- The first 100 will come with a handwritten lyric line and autograph by Runhild. This will come on a strip of paper that wil be trapped in the webbing.

- This complete package will be placed in one more polybag to protect the integrity of the packaging.